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May 20, 2021

The OA-BIO European Consortium, led by 4Moving Biotech, awarded a Eurostars grant to develop 4P004 through a biomarkers-driven approach

4Moving Biotech (France), Utrecht University (The Netherlands), Chondrometrics GmbH (Germany) and AO Research Institute Davos (Switzerland) have received a EUREKA-Eurostars grant award to finance its €4,2M project (OA-BIO) to complete early clinical development (Phase I) of 4P004, a first-in-class disease modifying osteoarthritis drug (DMOAD), and to identify and validate OA imaging and liquid biopsy biomarkers.

“OA-BIO Eurostars grant represents a unique opportunity to bring together some of the most renowned European teams in the field of OA biomarkers […]”, said Prof. Francis Berenbaum, CEO/CMO of 4Moving Biotech, Head of rheumatology department at Saint-Antoine Hospital (AP-HP), Professor at Sorbonne University (Paris, France) and Director of the INSERM UMR-S938 research.

“OA-BIO […] will advance our understanding on OA biomarkers across the species that typically suffer from OA, like horses and dogs […]”, added Prof. Marianna Tryfonidou, Professor of Regenerative Orthopedics at Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Utrecht University.

“[…] OA-BIO has a large potential to promote the understanding of the disease and to make a step towards urgently needed therapies”, completed Prof. Felix Eckstein, CEO/CMO of Chondrometrics.

“The OA-BIO consortium breakthrough lies in correlating OA imaging biomarkers with OA molecular ones, […] , as well as to follow how the innovative 4P004 treatment will efficiently interfere with the progression of the OA disease. […]”, concluded Prof. Mauro Alini, Vice-Director of ARI.

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